We know that finding good vintage can be hard. Some of the best vintage stores are often difficult to find, and once you arrive there are no guarantees that you will find any treasures.

Wardrobot was created in 2010, after years of living on a budget and experiencing this hit or miss phenomenon when looking for vintage clothing. Before the onslaught of fast fashion retail and disposable clothing, wearing vintage was considered the economical and instantly gratifying way for fashion enthusiasts to revive trends that were not yet in stores.

We still believe that there are so many amazing pieces out there to be found, and our mission has always been to help re-circulate these beautiful items from yesteryear by exposing them to a wider audience online.

Wardrobot does the work for you, by scanning vintage stores for those special items that belong in everyone's wardrobe. We put the whole process on autopilot, aggregating and editing the best vintage gems from the best vintage stores, all around the world.